Special machines

Special machines for demolition and special works: radiocontrols

Capitalizing its experience in this field, counting more than twenty years within assistance and repair of hydraulic units, Pressoil has successfully developed a service sector oriented to machines engineering, realization, and special equipments.
Special machines for demolition and special works: radiocontrols

Dedicated machines and transformation of standard machines used for dangerous applications and special works.
A field characterised by a wide use of electronic equipments and installation of radio controls for the remote works.
The possibility to remote-control a machine allows the use with maximum safety, also in dangerous situations, like the menace of landslides and collapses, or dangerous industrial areas.

In the industrial and steel and iron fields, in environments characterised by difficult situations, the remote-controlled units equipped with video cameras are widely used and they allow operating also in poor visibility places.
Another important sector for the application of remote-controlled units is the one of special demolitions, when it is not possible to use explosives; also in these cases the special machines designed by Pressoil represent an effective solution to the problem
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